Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Welcome to California Girl's Southern Fried Fusion!

Hi Everyone and welcome to my cooking blog. I’m Kathy, a transplanted California girl. I reside in a small East Texas town on a beautiful lake. I went from palm-tree-lined streets, sandy beaches and dainty sandals to boats, bait shops that sell pizza and boots! Not really -- I still wear the sandals, but you get the idea. I have a strong background in the culinary arts as I’ve been cooking since I was eight. Although self taught, I have owned a successful restaurant and taught cooking classes.

I love exchanging ideas, recipes and writing about the latest concoctions I’ve made up. Recipes come easy for me. I think I get this from my Mom, who always managed to throw something together last minute and turn out a Martha Stewart perfect dish that looked as though she’d slaved in the kitchen for hours. I think a disclaimer is in order. Unfortunately, I’m no Martha Stewart. So, I strive for warmth and comfort and leave the perfection to those more adept.

I’m content and grateful that this California girl feels at home here in the Great State of Texas because this state has had a strong influence in my cooking. I came here with a palate and taste for things pretty foreign from anything served in the local restaurants. I have since found a way to marry the two regions, both well known for wonderful taste and culinary arts. I guess you might say the wild, wild west meets the Alamo.

My cooking style incorporates rich flavors from this region, with light and colorful influences of the multi-cultural California cuisine. And somehow it’s a marriage made in heaven. I hope ya’ll (you guys) enjoy my food blog and visit me often for great recipes and entertaining ideas. And don't forget I'd love to hear from you. Tell me about your ideas and recipes. Thanks for reading! : )