Tuesday, October 4, 2011

caramel corn and popcorn balls

The only thing I can add to the above videos is you can add a few drops of food color to the popcorn balls if you wish. For Halloween you can add orange and purple (I wouldn't recommend black), and Christmas of course traditional red and green or blue for Hanukkah what ever your colors are.  Also popcorn balls are great made miniature for baby showers.  You can use pink or blue color. 

Remember chopped pecans, peanuts or your favorite kind of nuts are a great addition.  Just throw the nuts in when you mix the coating.  Other fun additions to popcorn balls or caramel corn is, any chopped candy bars, M & M's,  Reese's Pieces, chocolate chips,  coconut and the list is endless.

Add candies add the end when you are mixing your popcorn with the coating.  Wait until mixture is slightly cooled before adding extras like chocolate, but not too cool that it won't hold together.  Have fun and experiment with all your favorite treats!