Thursday, August 8, 2013

Missing the Good Old Dayz

My best friend when I was a young woman was Elsie Hubbard. She and her husband Chuck loved bologna sandwiches. I love them too, but with them it was an exact science. Put together just so and eaten like a prime rib : ). Funny, the things that stay with you and in your fondest memories. But these cheap and simple sammies bring back sweet memories of very special people. My mom also loved egg and ...well anything fried sandwiches. I used to make these for her. Fried and barely broken eggs...still runny, bologna and sweet red onion with mayo. You can't go wrong. Just a little nostalgia here today. Try one. You might actually like it or it might bring back memories for you too : ).
Bologna, fried and browned just right
Fried eggs, cooked on low to perfection and broken just at the end with yolks still a little runny
sweet red onion rings
soft and toasted buns or hoaggies or bread of choiice
good mayo 
Assemble and savor like it was a prime rib : ))
Happy Cooking Loves~